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Thank you for your interest to participate in the Leadership Training  ROTA Youth Challenge Program. Your application will be approved based on the requirements listed below, therefore please complete the Online Registration form and read carefully all the stated instructions and information for Local Participants Only (living in Qatar):

Please download the Code of Conduct and the To Whom it May Concern letter before completing the online registration process: 

Download Code of Conduct

·        For the Arabic Online Registration form and program information please click on the Arabic version of the webpage. 
·        The Training Official Language is Arabic (only for Arabic speakers).
·        The Online Registration will be open for participants from the  3 April  – 4 October 2018.
·        After the screening of the applications the shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a brief interview. Interviews will take place from the 10 Sept- 4 October 2018 based on each participant preferred schedule and during working week days mostly.
.        Please submit the Code of Conduct to the registration team when you are attending the interview attaching your ID. For applicants under 18 year old your legal guardian approval on your participating in this programme is mandatory and please include his/her ID copy as well. Please note that, all high school students are expected to get the approval and signature of their legal guardins event if they were not under 18 years old.
·        In case of being selected and you require a To Whom it May Concern Letter please use the provide sample above by updating your information and the addressed organization/ person information as well along with dates and training information. the draft must be sent back to us via e-mail for approval.
.   It is the participants responsibility to get the approval of their organization/ University/ School to participate in all day of the programme. 
·        Further information will be provided to all participants during the interviews about the program cycle.
·       Failure to complete and provide any of the required information will prevent the candidate’s chance in attending this Training.
.       In case of changing the personal information of the participant this will automatically disqualify the participents due to the delay that is coused by thier action in the registeration process hence effecting the programme execution.  
·        Please write your full name as mentioned in the Passport/ID.   
·        Please note that the Name will be written on the Participation Certificate based on this application form with no amendments to be done afterwards.
·        Participation Certificates shall be granted by the end of the program during the reflection event with the confirmation of full attendance of all sessions and the completion of all required surveys along wiht the finalization of all financial matters related to the project only.
·        No Certificates will be provided afterwards if the participants failed to receive it by the end of the event. Hence, participants are not allowed to ask for it.      
·        The unsuccessful applications shall receive an automated reply 3 days prior to the training, wishing them a better opportunity in attending next year’s edition.
·       Announcement of selected participants will start from 1st October 2018. 



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Excuse Letter

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Please read the instructions and steps on top of the registration form and make sure to visit National Programs department in ROTA to get the letter signed by the concerned person. 

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