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Volunteers Program

As one of our guiding principles, we believe strongly in volunteerism and base our overarching goals on its foundation. Investing in the strengths and knowledge of the various communities in Qatar, the ROTA Volunteers Program aims to indoctrinate the spirit of volunteerism and encourage involvement in community development both in and outside Qatar.

Our success relies heavily on the dedication and service of our volunteers who work with us to make a difference in other people’s lives. Either by participating in International Volunteer Trips to our focal countries, or by offering a helping hand during our Community Impact Days, ROTA volunteers contribute tremendously to the fulfillment of our mission.

By providing trainings and new activities, ROTA educates and engages the volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts towards education for all. It is a lifetime experience and the satisfaction gained at the end of the day is invaluable. ROTA stands for volunteerism, philanthropy, humanitarian thinking, and community involvement – why don’t you come onboard?


Literacy Program

Reach Out to Asia, in partnership with the Stafford International (Sri Lankan) School will be running a literacy support program throughout the 2011-2012 school year. Targeting second graders, the volunteer program will provide activities and exercises that compliment ongoing classroom instruction and provide these students with an opportunity to improve their literacy skills. Similar to the Strafford International School literacy program, Reach Out to Asiais partnering with the Bangladesh MHM School and College to run a literacy support program in 2011-2012 school year. 


Patient Support Program at Rumailah Hospital

Reach Out to Asia and Rumailah Hospital support a regular Patient Support Program which provided meaningful engagement for ROTA volunteers. Twice a week, volunteers develop and deliver activities that provide enjoyment and therapeutic benefits to the participating patients. Activities may include singing, dancing, arts and crafts or games.


Volunteers Trips

ROTA volunteer trips mostly focused on manual labor or cultural transfer. In May 2011 under the sponsorship of Vodafone Qatar and in partnership with the Titian Foundation of Indonesia, a joint Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) - Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar initiative took student and faculty volunteers on a trip to Indonesia. This was the first time that a ROTA volunteer trip has focused on increasing teacher capacity by way of facilitating workshops.

Bayat School, an institute whose construction was supported by ROTA, has been involved in the program development process from the very beginning by identifying areas where capacity-building is required for their students and teachers. Therefore, the final program, centered on art, was developed in response to these immediate and recognized needs.



 Volunteer trip, Cambodia

ROTA and VCU-Qatar student volunteer trip in Indonesia, May 2011

 ROTA and VCU-Qatar student volunteer trip in Indonesia, May 2011

ROTA and VCU-Qatar student volunteer trip in Indonesia, May 2011