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Teacher Quality Improvement

According to a national teacher competence assessment, less than half of Indonesian teachers fulfill the basic requirements for teacher quality. With the support of Vodafone Qatar, ROTA has developed a four-year Teacher Quality Improvement (TQI) program to enhance the classroom skills of teachers across the region.  So far ninety teachers from Yogyakarta and Klaten district have completed the TQI Program.

Project Facts

Implementing Period: 

July 2010 – June 2014 (amended and extended till Jan 2016)


Project Partners:

Titian Foundation



This project aims to develop Indonesian elementary and secondary school teachers competencies in the following three areas:

  • Personality
  • Social skills
  • Pedagogy



  • Increase the quality of teaching though the delivery of TQI training (ability of teachers to  deliver active, innovative, communicative, and fun learning [PAIKEM])
  • Improve headmasters leadership skills in relation to teachers continued professional development and headmasters ability to provide leadership in the school based management
  • Ensure the sustainability of the program by enabling the Ministry to deliver training in the above competencies



Direct beneficiaries:  

o    1.440 elementary and secondary school teachers

o    500 school Headmasters

o    60 MONE Trainers


        Indirect Beneficiaries:    

o    13.000 teachers from those 500 schools

o    180,000 students



Expected Beneficiaries from roll out and sustainability plan


  • Direct Beneficiaries : 300 teachers from all schools in Yogyakarta and trainers from the Ministry of education in the district

  • Indirect Beneficiaries : all schools and students in Yogyakarta district 
Teacher Quality Improvement
Teacher Quality Improvement