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Rehabilitation of 22 schools in South Lebanon

Lebanon has suffered a lot in recent history. The Civil War that lasted fifteen years (1975-1990) devastated the country, and the Lebanon War with Israel in 2006 caused again significant civilian loss of life and serious damage to Lebanon's civil infrastructure. As a result of this long political crisis in Lebanon, education has been interrupted and several schools in the South have been destroyed. The serious damage and the lack of resources have caused the crisis to persist, making education impossible or qualitatively poor. Immediately after the crisis, in the last quarter of 2006, ROTA was there to provide food and hygiene kits to all the people that lost their homes and became displaced to Southern Lebanon.

ROTA has committed itself to a long-term program, tackling with educational challenges in 8 towns in Southern Lebanon (mainly Bint Jbeil and Khyam). To date 39 schools have been rehabilitated and are now being furnished, so that 8,000 students every year have access to quality education. In the same context, ROTA is also providing the schools with educational material and tries by all means to minimize the impact of the crisis.

ROTA’s long-term sustainability plans include providing students and teachers with practical tools and technologies as well as connecting them and their community to the rest of the Asian continent through its Knowledge Network.

Project Facts


Implementing Period: 

October, 2006 – October 2007


Project Partner:

Qatar Government 


The main objective of the project is to ensure access to schools for students in South Lebanon that have been affected by 2006 war


Expected Beneficiaries:

Direct Beneficiaries: 11,000 student

Indirect Beneficiaries: The whole communities in the 8 villages, Ministry of Education 

Students returning back to school after School reconstruction

 School before reconstruction