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Reconstruction of Three Schools in Bayat Village, Klaten Region

In May 2006, an earthquake struck, ripping through Java killing 6,500 people and destroying homes and buildings, consequently affecting over one million people. The village of Bayat was one of the casualties of this disaster. With the beginning of the school year approaching, ROTA and its partners moved quickly to rebuild the kindergarten, primary and secondary school, while also providing make-shift structures for the interim period. The completed schools, build to earthquake resistant specifications, benefits over 1,000 students and also includes a hall for recreation activities, sporting grounds, and a library/community learning center, which won first prize as best library in the Klaten region.

The first project to be implemented in Indonesia by ROTA, in partnership with the Titian Foundation, was the Lamreh Learning Centre and was completed in 2006. Lamreh, a distant village in Banda Aceh, was severely damaged by the 2004 tsunami. The project included fully furnishing and equipping a learning centre, giving the students access to over 1,500 books and the opportunity to participate in after-school activities.

The Bayat Schools Reconstruction Project marks the first phase of a support plan and includes the construction of a kindergarten, a primary and a secondary school, and furnishing and equipping the schools with books, computers and internet access.


Project Facts


Implementing Period:  June 2006 - May 2007


Project Partner:


Titian Foundation



  • Improve access to primary and secondary education for the children of Bayat village


Expected Beneficiaries:

  • Direct 1000 students, & 36 teachers and indirect Ministry of Education, AJK