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Improve Access and Quality

Rota has started a program in Indonesia that aims at providing ICT infrastructure as well as improving teaching and learning methodologies for teachers, students and administrations in 12 schools.

Moreover, he program will ensure that these schools in Indonesia have the necessary resources to help children learn, improve school management and develop teachers professionally.

This program, launched in partnership with Titian Foundation and Qatar Petroleum, was initiated in 2012 and will be completed in the last quarter of 2015.


Project Facts


Implementing Period:  Began Nov 2011 till Aug 2015


Project Partners:

Titian Foundation, QP



  • Provide or improve access to ICT infrastructure as well as improve teaching and learning methodologies for teachers, students, and administrators in 12 schools.


Expected Beneficiaries:


12 schools

10 teachers and staff members’ trained per school

50 students per school involved in Projects

2 administration staffs using ICTs

Total number of teachers, students and administrators having access to ICTs (400 students, 350 teachers, 20 schools: o be finalized during the detailed assessment).

Community member and families.