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Global Citizen Corps (GCC)

In partnership with Mercy Corps, ROTA joined the Global Citizen Corps (GCC) in 2009.  The program’s goal is to inspire and equip an expanding network of young leaders to take informed actions that build and secure productive and just communities throughout the world.  Qatar joins a host of other nations in the network, including the United States, United Kingdom (Scotland), the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Indonesia. 

Participants are encouraged to ‘talk globally, act locally’ to develop personal leadership skills and youth-driven community actions.  By encourage creative dialogue; whether by digital stories, dialogue, and leadership training, the GCC is a platform for the youth to peacefully express themselves to make a difference in the community. The initiative’s website has become a Web 2.0 portal that combines user date from the web, mobile phones, and other mediums to share amongst themselves.