ROTA Volunteers Teach Arabic To Migrant Workers Through Arabic literacy Program | Press Releases

ROTA Volunteers Teach Arabic To Migrant Workers Through Arabic literacy Program
05 February 2017

Doha, Qatar, February 5, 2017:  Volunteer tutors recently attended a ‘Training for Trainers’ workshop hosted by Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), as part of its Adult Arabic Literacy (RAAL) program, at Qatar Foundation’s (QF) Recreation Center. 

Students from the Academic Bridge Program took part in the training course, designed to equip volunteer tutors with the necessary skills to effectively facilitate the RAAL initiative. The workshop covered a range of topics, including ROTA’s literacy curriculum, practical information relating to teaching Arabic, issues facing low-income migrant workers, methods to effectively facilitate adult learning, and community-based learning tools. 

The RAAL initiative is a result of a survey carried out by ROTA, which suggested that 55 percent of low-skilled workers did not possess Arabic literacy skills, while 45 percent of workers appeared to have a fair degree of spoken Arabic with no reading or writing skills.

A key feature of the program is that it allows young people in Qatar to take part in an experiential service learning opportunity, developing their skills and knowledge as RAAL literacy Trainers and Champions.

Rasmeya Hassan Al Jamali, Community Development Specialist, National Programs Department, ROTA, said: “The ‘Training for Trainers’ course is an intensive program that ensures our volunteers are qualified to facilitate the RAAL initiative. Our volunteer tutors have a sound understanding of migrant workers’ circumstances and are equipped with the relevant skills to teach adults through our community-based Arabic literacy program.”

Yousef Mohammed Yousef Ali Abdulmalek, volunteer tutor, said: “After completing the training program, I feel confident in my ability to effectively facilitate the Arabic literacy program. It’s an honor to be part of an initiative that’s making continuous learning opportunities available to migrant workers.”

The Arabic literacy program was established to address the learning needs of migrant workers in Qatar and to promote mutual respect between different cultures. Upon completion of the course, migrant workers will be able to speak conversational Arabic and have a greater understanding of Arab culture and Qatari society.


The literacy classes will be taught over a six-week period, from February to April, and will require two to three hours of instruction per week. In April, ROTA will host an event to showcase and celebrate the achievements of both trainers and learners.