Better Connections Program


ROTA is looking for 35 volunteers aged 18 years or older to take part in The Better Connections program.

“The Better Connections program runs in partnership with The Ministry of Transport and Communications. The program aims at improving the social well-being of migrant workers in Qatar through helping them to stay in touch with friends and family at home, and learn useful skills and knowledge for their life in Qatar.

The Volunteer’s role

  • Attend one-day training on data collection
  • Conduct 2-3 visits to workers accommodations for the data collections
  • Moderate a focus group discussion (optional)
  • Transcribe/Translate audio recording into English Text (optional)
  • Submit collected data to ROTA Project Manager

Program dates

  • The activity takes place mostly on Fridays. Volunteers who join the program need to commit for a maximum of 2 visits of 3 hours each.
  • Training for Data Collection Skills will take place on Saturday 05th October 2019 at College of North Atlantic Qatar (CNAQ).
  • Data collection will take place between October- November 2019

Who can apply

ROTA is looking for volunteers who:

  • Are older than 18 years of age.
  • Are able to speak one or more of the following languages: Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, Bengali, Sinhala, Tamil, Tagalog, in addition to English.
  • Urdu/Hindi vocal skills are must to have
  • Have good communication skills and basic ICT knowledge of using computer i.e. typing. 
  • Are able to arrange their own transportation to attend the training session and go to workers accommodation.

How to apply


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Better Connection program?

The Better Connections program is a large-scale program initiated by The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC). ROTA is part of the consortium of organisations in Qatar participating in the Better Connection initiative. ROTA provides and train volunteers for the program. Other organisations in the consortium have different tasks: MOTC refurbishes computers, install software and delivers the equipment to computer labs in the camps. Vodafone provides internet connectivity to camps. Microsoft Qatar generously provides licenses for Windows and Microsoft Office. Construction companies provide space within the workers' accommodations for an ICT Lab.

I only speak a bit of …. Can I still join?

We require fluency level language skills in the migrant workers' languages including Urdu/Hindi as the most common language widely understood. Speakers of English/Arabic/French/Spanish/Portuguese can also register but preference will be given to volunteers fluent in the migrant workers' languages (Urdu/Hindi).

I speak the migrant workers' languages, but I have no experience in IT and data collection, can I join?

If you are a good communicator, are enthusiastic about the program and helping others, if you are a social and agreeable person we will be so happy to have you onboard! Please register. There will be a workshop in each term to train volunteers for data collection skills and transcription/translation of data. 

How many Fridays should I commit to the program?

We ask the volunteers to commit to a maximum of 2 Fridays over 2 months. However, we hope the volunteers are available for a longer duration of off-site activities i.e. Translation. 

What time commitment on Fridays

It can vary.
  • One day workshop on Saturday 5th October 2019 from 8:30 am to 04:00 pm 
  • The subsequent Fridays, Volunteers need to commit to 2-3 hours (excluding transportation) where they may be involved in facilitating focus group discussions, taking interviews, filling survey forms etc.

Does ROTA offer transportation to and from the workers' accommodation?

ROTA cannot provide transportation for any activities in the Better Connections program and go to the workers' accommodation site by the volunteers.

I don’t own a laptop, can I still participate?

Please register anyway, we have a limited number of laptops we can provide for volunteers who wish to participate in translation/transcription of data. For data collection activities laptop is not required. 

What are the tasks required of the volunteers?

The Better Connections program offers a wide range of rewarding and diverse tasks with one goal in mind: train migrant workers on life-changing digital skills. Some of the activities include:

  • Attend a 1-day training session to prepare volunteers for their role.
  • Either Moderate the focus group discussion with workers or be the notes taker for the discussion to summarize the discussion main points. 
  • Conduct Interviews/Surveys on the paper or directly online (depending on circumstances) and feed the data to online surveys
  • Translate and Transcribe Focus Group Discussion audio recording into English text (This task will be divided into parts to distribute the workload). 

Does ROTA provides meals during the Better Connections program

A lunch will be provided for volunteers during volunteer training workshop (full day).

Where do the Better Connections activities take place?

Training workshop for Volunteers:  Saturday October 5th 2019 at College of North Atlantic - Qatar (CNAQ). 

Data collection activities will take place on various Fridays in October/November.  For interview/Survey volunteers will be assigned camps where they can independently coordinate visit with camp manager and visit to conduct data collection. 

Can I just ‘walk-in’ at the training session without being selected by ROTA

ROTA cannot accept volunteers in the Better Connections program who have not

  1. Registered in the Better Connections Program volunteers pool 
  2. Have received an email from ROTA informing them they have been selected for the Better Connection program. 

We also strongly encourage volunteers to be registered as ROTA volunteers on the ROTA Website for various other activities. 

How many volunteers are required

Each batch of volunteers is made up of 35 volunteers. So there are more chances for you to join this exciting endeavor!

Can I invite my friends to register?

What will I gain from the Better Connections Program

As an official ROTA Volunteer activity, you will be fully recognized for your achievements as a volunteer, you will receive a certificate and be invited to an appreciation event upon completing the activities of the Better Connections program. Also, you will have a unique opportunity to join a program where you can have a lasting impact on the lives of others and improve migrant workers lives in Qatar!