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Last Day in Kathmandu
Posted April 07, 2013 by mohammedalthani


Where can I start, today was an amazing day. It started we breakfast 8am, and a trip to the slums. I went to visit a school that ROTA helps support. A 15min drive ended to be 45 but we eventually arrived. We were greeted by action aid representative who liaises with ROTA here in Nepal. We were also greeted with over 100 students, their teachers, and head principal. They gave us flowers and scarves for good luck.
The students were very well educated and all spoke English. However the school infrastructure was really bad. 900 Students had 3mx10m playground. This one girl who was very out spoken was explaining the school system and the hardships they face as students. When I explained about out Arabs with Altitude team and team members, I was mentioning all the countries. Once I reached lebanon the girl burst in tears, when I asked her why she is crying. She replied that her mother used to work there, that she worked really hard caring apples up and down the mountain. That she works really hard so she can provide for her children for food and education. That she misses her mom a lot when she leaves for 3 years to work in the Middle East. Most of the team were in tears, because we never think of the helpers at home how they also have families and miss the a lot while they are away providing for them. This girl wants to become a lawyer and I see her become an amazing one. I hope that the funds I will be Raising will at least help those kids get good education and a chance to live a reasonable life out of the slums of Katmandu.
I then had an interview with 2 reporters from the Katmandu post and a Nepalese newspaper that is widely read in Qatar. It was a long interview about my climb, the fundraising, and business.
We went back to the hotel and met with an Everest rockstar Elizabeth Hawley born November 9, 1923, is an American former journalist and chronicler of Himalayan expeditions. She traveled to Nepal in September 1960 and never left. She is the best-known chronicler of Himalayan expeditions for over four decades and was an honor to meet her in person. She has an amazing character and would certainly be great to meet her again when we are back (inshala after we summit).
We also met with Ted Atkins the inventor of Tap Out mast the is used in the mountain for years. He invented it in 2004 while he was summiting Everest. This device saved many lives, and increased the success rate a lot. He showed us his new version of the mask and regulator and looks like it will be a huge success. Ted also explained what might go wrong on the mountain and how to solve the problem if it happens (mask and regulator related).
Over all was another long and rewarding day in Katmandu, can’t ask for a better one. We will wake up at 4am for an early start to the airport and off the airport to fly to Lukla where we will start our trek to Phakding