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Landed in Kathmandu
Posted April 07, 2013 by mohammedalthani

Just settled in out hotel, the famous Yak & Yeti, very well known in kathmandu for all the adventurers who stay here. We had a very smooth flight form Sharjah to Katmandu, it was about 3:15 hrs. We had the spot connect (tracker) on the whole flight and guess what we forgot it on the plane hahaha. Good thing the cabin crew spotted it and handed it over to the duty manager. Hopefully we will pick it up first thing in the morning.

We had to wait for ages for our bags; you have to understand we have a lot of them. We will be spending almost 2 months on the mountain. Once we headed out Michael, Vern, and Elia greeted us. Michael and Vern will be our guides and Elia Saikaly is our cameraman that will accompany us during the whole trip.

We cramped up in a bus that took us to the hotel, it was a very short ride to the hotel where we are settled in. Tomorrow will be a nice day sightseeing and gear checking.