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Here we go again!!!
Posted April 07, 2013 by mohammedalthani


The time has come for my next expedition, this time it’s the big one Mount Everest 8,850m. This has been my dream for a long time and I have been climbing and training hard for 4 years for this one.
Unlike other mountains I climbed, Everest has lots of perks; the good thing is that I will have limited data at base camp. This will allow me to update you much more. Just like in my previous climbs I will be updating my blog regularly ( whenever I have data access I will be writing and when we pass base camp I will be using an audio cast that will also be on the blog.
A new addition on my main page is the Google maps tracker; I used to use different software that may have been confusing to some people so I decided to find a better solution. You are able to see the route I will be taking up the mountain (blue line) and tack my progress (yellow line).
This is a must, check out the fly-in app (top left corner on the map it will shows you the whole journey form Sharjah to the top of the world.
I will fly from Sharjah to Katmandu on the 3rd of April, and then from Katmandu to Lukla 2,860m from there it will be a 10-12 day trek to Everest base camp. I will then have 3 acclimatization runs up and down the mountain (may take 30 days) before having a good weather window so I can summit.
As you all know I am the brand Ambassador for Reach Out To Asia a Qatari non-profit charity foundation that works to ensure that people affected by crisis across Asia and around the world have continuous access to relevant and high-quality primary and secondary education. I am also climbing to raise funds for Reach Out To Asia’s education-focused projects in Nepal. Here is a link to the fundraising portal any donation is very much appreciated.
Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your continues support over the years, this made me very persistent in focusing on my end goal. I also appreciate all what you have done, and hope to return from the Himalayas victoriously.
Moe Al Thani