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MENA Youth Capacity building in Humanitarian Action (MYCHA)


MENA Youth Capacity building in Humanitarian Action (MCYHA)  The three days event to Empower youth people in humanitarian settings throughout the MENA region to assure their meaningful participation in preparedness, response and conflict resolution.

Dates: 11th to 13th Nov 2017

Venue: Hamad Bin Khalifa University - Student Center in Qatar Foundation


The Conference Objectives are to:

  • Outcome 1: Increased capacity of youth and youth-led groups to participate in humanitarian actions.
  • Outcome 2: Stronger and more effective youth-led initiatives in humanitarian action at the regional level
  • Outcome 3: Serve as a regional knowledge hub for networking among young humanitarian actors and professionals, designing innovative approaches, sharing data and best practices, and releasing publications.


This year's Conference Themes


1)      Dimensions of Humanitarian Action

a.       History and evolution

b.      Humanitarian Action Life cycle and transitions- Preparedness, early warning systems, disaster response, recovery long-term development.

c.       H System, International Humanitarian law, stakeholders, scale and complexity (cross cutting themes), coordination, principles and standards(Sphere, NGO code), Islam and humanitarianism,

d.      Man-made disasters- displacement, gender vulnerability, dignity and protection of civilians, (MENA specific themes)

2)      Provision of Education as a humanitarian response

3)      Climate change and nature caused disaster- droughts, famines, floods, typhoons, volcanoes. 

4)      Influencing and advocacy in humanitarian action- (Media and humanitarian work, H diplomacy and conflict resolution,  National and multilateral humanitarian influencing, WHS)

5) Youth engagement and innovation in humanitarian work: volunteerism, social media and use of technology in H action. 


Brief Program


Day 1

·    Day 1 Agenda (TBD)


Day 2

·    Day 2 Agenda (TBD)

Day 3

·    Day 3 Agenda (TBD)


MYCHA 2017 International Registration

MYCHA 2017 Local Registration

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