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ROTA’s Youth Advisory Board Members Leave a Mark on COP18
Posted December 26, 2012 by Sheikha Mayassa bint Hamad Al Thani

It is no surprise by now that Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) endlessly strives to empower Qatar’s youth by propelling them into local/global issues that continue to shape our cultural landscape and environment. Similarly, ROTA’s Youth Advisory Board aims to engage and sanction 14 young and active members of the ROTA Youth Network in an advisory and ambassadorial capacity, to be trained and mentored in order to support ROTA in defining and advocating innovative solutions for a variety of issues that we face today, mainly in the areas of education, climate control, youth development, and sports.

I take to my blog once again to commemorate ROTA’s young and vibrant members who once again are a momentous source of pride and inspiration at the most recent COP18 held here in Doha during December 2012. 

Amidst a crucial international convention dedicated to discussing global climate issues, our youth leave a lasting impact by presenting a GCC Youth Green Manifesto that was created during ROTA’s Empower 2012 Youth Conference. The manifesto “outlines a roadmap to creating green, sustainable economies based on greater regional cooperation, improved governance and increased public education on environmental issues.”

The ideas, goals and attitude exhibited by our Youth Advisory Board members leaves us feeling a little more faithful in terms of deriving sustainable solutions for our generations to come. 

A hopeful participant mentioned, “I feel like I’m being listened to.” Our youth is slowly beginning to understand the weight and expectation we place on them in order to sustain our future communities through mutual dialogue.

I, along with ROTA consistently recognize the need to place trust in our rapidly growing adolescent community. Exposing them to the realities of today will better equip them to foster solutions for tomorrow. 

With that being said, the six members representing ROTA at COP18 have done a tremendous job at addressing the current climate issues faced by our global population. It is imperative to understand that our aid in developing our youth not only helps their future, but is also an investment in our own. 

The climatic disasters that have recently struck our planet, such as hurricane Sandy, are bearing a catastrophic impact today. Our environmental problems are being witnessed today, so why wait to find a solution tomorrow? It is our communal responsibility to ensure then when today’s youth is able to transition, and take over from our current posts, it is done is most fluid and effective of ways.

I wholeheartedly recognize that the younger demographic of our global home hold the key to a sustainable green future. And so, I, along with ROTA will continue to unlock their potential and support any initiative that could help us achieve our goals.

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